This site serves as an online archive of the original studio of Graphic design I, led by the end of 2021 by prof. Karel Míšek, Jan Hora, Jakub Konupka and (until the end of 2019) Jiří Toman.

The studio of the Graphic design I (GD1) was one of the mostmelled studios of the Faculty of Art and Design UJEP—its history dates back to 1994, when it was founded as part of the then independent Institute of art culture (IVK) JEPU.

The content of the studio ranged in a wide range of visual communication from the creation of visual styles to illustrations, designs of fonts, webdesign and animation to the author’s poster. The poster for its irreplaceable communication character presented the basic means of expression—GD1 purposefully followed the rich tradition of Czechoslovak and European poster design with a strong accent on the idea. In addition to collaborative work in the team, the emphasis was on the free individual development of students as strong creative personalities with clearly articulated artistic and civic attitude.

The studio maintained active cooperation with both European and non-European universities and leading world artists in the form of internships, cooperation on international projects and organization of workshops.

Since 2022, the leadership of the studio has been changed (to a significant displeasure of students), which also ended the original direction of the studio. Since January 2023, Karel Míšek has been working as a co-leader of the studio of Graphic design and visual communication at the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

prof. ak. mal. Karel Míšek, Ph.D., Prof. h. c.
M. A. Jan Hora
MgA. Jakub Konupka
MgA. Jiří Toman, Ph.D.