WS 2017/2018

1st Grade

Postage stamps

Design postage stamps that will be based on the drawing of product of nature associated with the main topic, which is ‘tree’. The stamp should respect existing postal practices and be viable using current printing technologies. It can be designed either as separate individual stamps (including the possibility of self-adhesive lists) or as a whole sheet.

2nd to 6th Grade

My Trees

My Trees is a subject that overlaps with questions of contemporary economical and social ethics and human attitude towards nature in general. It is loosely inspired by the activities of Degirans SE company which walks down the path of “green business”. Its operational strategy is set not to cause harm to the environment nor to have negative social influence. The subject can be a platform for expressing one’s own relationship to nature, visualizing views of economical development of the society or opinion on the social ethics itself. The visual motif should be connected with trees.

Form: the work for this subject should have the form of a simple animation (animated poster) which will also be transformed into two posters, or alternative formats (for example the front and back sides of a t-shirt or tote bag), where the first format depicts the beginning of the animation, and the second one shows its end state.

Logotype of 25 years of FAD JEPU

The Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design of the J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem announces the competition for the logotype of 25 years of the Faculty of Art and Design and visual style of the Mo(nu)mental Topography project. More information on the Faculty’s website.