Graphic Design I → Genocides


Author: Juliána Sedláková

Year: 2019

Category: book installation other

The theme of my semestral work is to inform the audience about the true extent of genocides that many people are unaware of. I find out that many people around me happen to be ignorant of historical events, wars, genocide, world issues, and world news. How can you move on while ignoring the past?

As the medium of intervention / final work, I chose a medium close to me — painting. In painting, I decided to reflect my own emotional reaction to this problem and also to inform the public about two basic aspects in the issue of the genocide — their large amount and the fact that they are going on right now.

Intervention in public space is realized by two large latex paints on black non-woven fabric. The size of the paintings is 1.6 m × 5.5 m. I exhibit the paintings on a tree in the City Park near the Holocaust Victims Memorial. One of the paintings is supplemented with simple typography. I also made a small book contains semestral work documentation and with basic information about genocide problematic.